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Interested in butterflies?


The Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Superior, Arizona is a butterfly paradise.

dog-face-butterfly-234Our family visited over the Thanksgiving holiday and we saw at least a dozen different species, including this dogface butterfly.


What a fragile-looking queen!

black-swallowtail-larva-Papilio polyxenes-22

Why so many butterflies? The arboretum is teeming with a wide diversity of plants that support caterpillars, like this black swallowtail larva I found on dill in the herb garden.

There's no need to go to a butterfly museum or exhibit when you can have the same experience in a natural setting!

Where is your favorite place to see butterflies?


This has been an unbelievable month for butterflies in our yard.

Of course many of them are like this panted lady, way up in a tree.

Can't see it?

The magic of Photoshop brings it closer.

Some of the butterflies are easier to observe.

Take this American snout butterfly from a few weeks ago.

I was able to find one sunning on a bush at ground level. Turns out that they are quite colorful with their wings open.

This white butterfly might be a checkered white.

Dainty sulphurs are active in the Southwest throughout the winter months.

They are the smallest of the sulphur butterflies.

The queen butterflies steal the show, however.

These are homegrown, as you can see from the caterpillar.

Yes, November is a great time to observe butterflies in the Sonoran Desert.