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Scientist Turned Artist Anne Adams

In the most recent issue of Muse magazine (September 2008) is a moving story about the scientist/artist Anne Adams. She was a Canadian scientist who gave up her career to become an artist. In a sad twist of fate, her newborn interest and incredible ability in art was probably due, at least in part, to a rare brain disorder.

I was able to find a link to a project she did with her husband, called “An ABC Book of Invertebrates.” Anne did the illustrations and her husband, Robert Adams, composed the text. The illustrations are like looking through a kaleidoscope, with colorful, repeating patterns. The earthworm image is amazing (click on E ).  Too bad some of the scans are not completely clear. I’m sure children that are interested in unusual creepy crawlies will still enjoy it.

To read more about Anne Adams story and the brain disease she suffered from, check this article about how one of her paintings entitled “Bolero” came to be.

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