Bug of the Week: Honey Bees Still Flying

Although we had a record high of 82° F here yesterday, the insects and plants are slowing down a bit for winter.


All that is, except the honey bees. This one had just filled up with water at a fountain and getting ready to take off.

You can also find active foragers on rosemary and fairy duster flowers right now.

Feeling busy as a honey bee this week?

One thought on “Bug of the Week: Honey Bees Still Flying

  1. Cassandra Sweetman

    My microbiology group is doing a presentation on the transcriptomic profiling of Bees during dance communication behavior for a class (nonprofit/educational)...this is one of the only photos I've found that perfectly lines up with brain diagrams. I can do a drawing, but this photo would look way nicer. Would it be alright to use this image for that purpose, or where can I inquire about the rights for it? Your blog would be listed under references if we can.

    The presentation is on Monday, but I couldn't find another way to contact you. :}

    Thank You!

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