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Bug of the Week has been a regular feature since the beginning of the Growing With Science blog. This is an archive of all the posts organized by order or taxonomic group.

Hemiptera – the true bugs

Assassin bug adult

Assassin bug nymph

Assassin bug nymph (close)

Bee assassin bug

Bordered plant bug

Boxelder bugoncopeltus-milkweed-bug

Cactus bug

Giant mesquite bug

Lace bug

Large milkweed bug

Leaf-footed bug nymph

Leaf-footed bug

Striped milkweed bug

Small milkweed bug, Lygaeus kalmaii

Seed bug, Oncopeltus sanguiniolentus
Another photo of same species

Squash bug

Stink or shield bug

Shield bug

Water strider

Homoptera – cicadas, aphids, scales, leafhoppers


Aphids on fava beans

Oleander aphids

Rose aphids

Sunflower aphids sunflower-aphids

Cochineal scale


Cicada nymph

Cicada nymph 2

Older post about cicadas


Flatid planthopper


Smoke Tree Sharpshooter

Cixiid planthopper

Rosemary spittle bugs


Dermaptera – earwigs

Earwig life cycle


Thysanoptera – thrips


Isoptera – termites

Desert encrusting termites


Orthoptera – grasshoppers, katydids and crickets

Crickets singing

Indian house crickets

Field crickets

Tree crickets

General life cycle of a grasshopper

Can you see me? grasshopper

Lubber grasshoppers

Pallid-winged grasshopper

Overwintering grasshopper


Katydid nymph

Odonata -dragonflies and damselflies

What is the difference between a dragonfly and a damselfly?

Amberwing dragonfly

Dragonfly laying eggs


Same damselfly

Mantodea – mantids

Praying mantis

Praying mantis life stages

Praying mantis nymph

Another praying mantis with another egg case

Pscoptera- book lice, bark lice

Bark lice or tree cattle

Psocoptera- bark louse

Neuroptera- lacewings

Ant lions

Lacewing larva – covered

Lacewing larva- small

Green lacewing

Green lacewing – full life cycle including cocoon

Brown lacewing

Embioptera – webspinners


Coleoptera -beetles

Ashy-gray lady beetle

Carpet beetle larva

Click beetle adult and larva (wireworm)

Click beetle

Desert headstanding beetle

Elegant blister beetle

Fireflies or lightning bugs (beetles)

Firefly Question

Green June beetle

Ground beetles

Jewel beetles

Lady beetle science

Leaf beetle larvaladybeetle1-seven-spot

Multicolored Asian lady beetle life stages

Twelve-spotted lady beetle

Twice-stabbed lady beetle

Palo verde beetle

Sap beetles

Scarab beetle

Seed beetle adults and eggs

Seed beetles

Western spotted cucumber beetle

Lepidoptera – butterflies and moths

Arizona fall butterflies

Arizona fall butterflies and the plants that feed them

Northern Arizona butterflies

Blue butterfly

Butterflies sunning

California sister butterfly



Giant swallowtail

Orange dog (giant swallowtail caterpillar)

Another orange dog

Gulf fritillary butterfly

Hackberry butterfly

Queen butterfly caterpillar

Queen adult laying eggs

Queen butterfly eggs

Queen chrysalis and emerged butterfly

Mexican yellow caterpillar

Migrating red admiral butterflies

Monarch butterfly laying eggs

Monarch butterfly

Painted lady migration


Swallowtail butterflies

Raising caterpillars

Butterfly gardening




Cabbage looper eggs

Cabbage looper caterpillar

Cabbage looper moth

Cutworm caterpillar

First instar caterpillar

Moth eggs it came from

Genista caterpillar

Hornworm caterpillar

Tobacco hornworm

Rustic sphinx caterpillarwhite-lined-sphinx-moth

Banded woolly bear caterpillar

Snapdragon caterpillar

Sunflower moth caterpillar

Gardening for moths

Looper caterpillar

Moth life cycle

Silkworm eggs

Silkworm caterpillars and moths

Silkworm history

White-lined sphinx caterpillars (and what they eat)

White-line sphinx caterpillars crossing the road

Diptera – flies

Bee fly (Geron)

Another bee fly

Black soldier fly

Crane flies

Crane flies and larva (older post)


Flower fly adult 1, 2, 3

Flower fly larva

Fruit flies

Fruit flies again

New kind of fruit fly

Flies resting on leaves

Green bottle fly

Thick-headed fly

Hymenoptera – bees, wasps and ants



Ants on nectaries

Ant cocoons

See more about ants at our sister blog, Wild About Ants



Buzz Pollination by bees

Carpenter bee

Carpenter bee in flight (video)

Dandelion and honey bee

Solitary bees

Another solitary bee honey-bee-yellow-flower

Solitary bees of spring

Very first Bug of the Week, a solitary bee from April 7, 2008

Digger bees

Bumble bee

Long-horned bees

Green sweat bee

Tiny sweat bees

Honey bee science

Honey bees drinking

Sunflower bees

Chalcid wasp

Chalcid wasp (older)

Cicada wasp

Mud dauber wasp

Paper wasp

Parasitic wasp

Tarantula hawk

White-faced hornet




Desert scorpion


Red mites


Black widow egg case and hatchlings

Cellar spider

Crab spider with egg casewolf-spider-1

Garden spider

Giant crab spider (Popular post)

Jumping spider

Jumping spiders

Feather-legged orb weaver

Marbled cellar spider

Orb spider

Spider webs


Yellow crab spider

Another crab spider

Wolf spider

Other Arthropods


Water fleas

Group posts


Characteristics of Arthropod groups

Characteristics of five major orders of insects

Favorite photos from 2011

Singing insects

Hollyhock insects

Insect mouthparts


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