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Bug of the Week: Silkworm Eggs

Awhile back, I showed you the life stages of the silkworm moth. I missed one stage, however, so here they are:



Silkworm moth eggs.

In case you are wondering, the female moth in the top photograph laid her eggs on a paper towel. The female in the bottom photograph laid on a cardboard egg carton.

8 thoughts on “Bug of the Week: Silkworm Eggs

  1. julee

    how did you get the eggs off of the cartons and the paper towels? we (my daughter and i) have tons of eggs, but i want to put them in the fridge to create a false winter so that they will hatch later... any ideas are appreciated! 🙂


  2. Roberta

    Congratulations on the eggs.

    We didn't take the eggs off, we simply cut the cartons and towels into manageable-sized pieces. Anyone else have any ideas?

  3. Roberta

    When they will hatch will depend on several factors. Did you buy them pre-conditioned? Did they come with any instructions?

    Insect eggs are sensitive to temperature. Cooler temperatures slow things down, higher temperatures speed things up.

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