Bug of the Week: Boxelder

What’s that peeking out of a crack in the old tree stump?

Why it’s a boxelder bug checking to see if spring has arrived.

Have you ever noticed how red a boxelder bug’s eyes are?

I just found out that they have boxelder bug day festivities each fall in Minneota, Minnesota. This year’s event will be held September 9-11, 2011. Cool! Let me know if you attend.


  1. Mike B.

    I found a swarm of these on my neighbor’s house a couple of weeks ago. I love how accommodating they are for photographs! I also love the two little eyes on top of their heads (at least I think they are additional eyes.)

  2. Roberta

    Yes, those small bumps at the top of the head of most insects are secondary eyes. They are called ocelli.

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