Did you see the spider in the cactus flower photo in last week’s post?

I have circled it here.

crab spider

The spider is a common type of spider that sits on flowers and waits for food to stop by. Spiders of this group are called crab spiders, probably because their legs are directed forward like a crab’s. (Maybe they should be called “grab spiders” LOL!)

I found another one this week, which has picked a fruit fly off of a lemon.

crab spider

Can you see the little red-eyed fruit flies peeking out of the hole?

crab spider

The really cool thing about crab spiders is some of them can change color to match the object they are sitting on, although it can take a day or two. Does this one look a bit yellow? I think so…

We learned about how crab spiders change color in the end of How to Hide a Butterfly and Other Insects by Ruth Heller

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There are a number of good nonfiction books about spiders for the picture book set, like Are You a Spider? by Tudor Humphries

Spiders also abound in picture book fiction. Here are two classics we enjoyed a great deal:

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin (Author), Harry Bliss (Illustrator)

Adults can find a few good books on spiders, too.
Biology of Spiders, 2nd Edition by Rainer F. Foelix