Bug of the Week: Tiny Caterpillars

If you wondered what the insect eggs from last week’s post hatched into, here’s a peek at the tiny caterpillar. To give you a sense of scale, I placed it on a white paper towel with a human hair.

Check out how big the head capsule is in relation to its body.

This looping behavior suggests it is a cabbage looper caterpillar.

I scooped it up with a fine paintbrush and put it back on a plant when I was done. Maybe it will grow into one of these:


  1. Catherine

    so tiny. your pictures are awesome.

  2. Roberta

    Thanks, just made me wish I had a microscope with a camera… So many tiny things are amazing.

  3. christine

    we found a Cabbage looper caterpillar today and will keep it and try from now into it turns into a butterfly…i need to know how to take care of it…

  4. Roberta

    Do you know what kind of plant the caterpillar was on when you found it? Caterpillars do best if they can continue eating the same food they’ve been eating, which is probably the plant you found it on. If you have no idea, try feeding it lettuce. If the lettuce works, then give it fresh each day, or even twice a day, and remove any dried out leftovers.

    Good luck!

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