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Next week is National Moth Week, so let's go crazy about moths!

This year geometrids are the featured moth family for National Moth Week. The name geometrid roughly translates as "earth measurer" and refers to the fact the larvae are mostly inchworms.

See our recent blog post about geometrid moths.

How to celebrate:

First, be sure to check the National Moth Week events page to see if there are any public events in your area. For example, here in Arizona there's a talk at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park in Tucson on July 28, 2018.

If there aren't any events, you can create some activities of your own. Check out the kids' page for an awesome coloring book to download, plus games and stories.

For some cool science in more depth, read this article about how Bogong Moths use magnetic fields to guide their long distance migrations in Australia.

Moth Blog Posts at Growing With Science:

If you ever want to learn more about moths, check out the moths category in the sidebar.

Or visit our growing list of children's books about moths and butterflies at Science Books for Kids.

Finally, we also have two Pinterest boards you might enjoy:  All About Moths and Butterfly and Moth Feeders to Make.

Let us know how you celebrate National Moth Week.


Last week we had photographs for insects for A-M, now let's finish the alphabet.

Northern two-striped walkingstick

Oleander aphids

Praying mantis

Queen butterfly

Rustic sphinx moth

Sawfly larva (love that color)

Tarantula hawk

Underwing moth caterpillar

Velvet ant (wasp)


Xylocopa virginica - carpenter bee

Yellow jacket wasp

Zebra butterfly

That wasn't too bad. I only had to resort to scientific names once.

So, now you know your insect ABC's!


I've got a lot going on this month and for something a little different, I thought I'd try to find insect photographs for every letter of the alphabet. Here's what I found for the first half, A to M.








Hackberry Butterfly


Jewel Bee




The second half of the alphabet is more difficult. Wish me luck next week!