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Bug of the Week: Hornworm Mystery

Late summer is an active time for hornworms. Usually hornworms have pale green heads and prolegs. If you look closely, this one has a white head and prolegs. Any idea why?  

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Bug of the Week: Damselfly

The timing of natural events, or “phenology,” is something worth noting. Take the pond damselfly in this photograph. These delicate, light-brown damselflies arrive each year in our yard in August and September. We found them in August 2012 and in … Continue reading

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Bug of the Week: Agave Weevil

My son noticed a beetle on the sidewalk. For once, I wasn’t all that glad to spot an insect. See the long snout that is rather like an elephant’s trunk?  This insect is an agave weevil. Because the adults don’t … Continue reading

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