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Bug of the Week: Moth on Hollyhock

A young friend of mine has become interested in moths, so I’ve been paying more attention to them. It isn’t easy though, because moths are usually active at night. Plus, many of them are tiny. Can you even tell this … Continue reading

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Bug of the Week: Tarantula Hawk Wasps

Would you believe a wasp may be important to the survival of certain butterflies? Tarantula hawks are large, colorful wasps in the genus Pepsis. They are found throughout the southwestern United States. The tarantula hawk has a special relationship with … Continue reading

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Bug of the Week: Cactus Flower Bee

Spring is a wonderful time to watch bees in the Southwest, especially when the prickly pear cactus are in bloom. For example, what is this bee doing? Can you see better in this photograph? Have you ever had a bee … Continue reading

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