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Bug of the Week: Favorite Photographs of 2014

What better way to ring out 2014 than with some photographs of insects? Looking back over the last twelve months, I found I haven’t taken as many photographs of insects as in years past. I did, however, take quite a … Continue reading

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Bug of the Week: Lone Harvester Ant

Even though it is December, we still have plenty of insects out and about. Take this lone harvester ant guarding its nest entrance. Looks like it may have encountered a problem, as it is missing the middle leg on this … Continue reading

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Fabulous New Children’s Book: Beetle Busters

The trees of eastern North America have been having it tough in the last century or so. First the American chestnut was wiped out by the chestnut blight fungus. Then the American elms were killed by Dutch elm disease, which … Continue reading

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