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Just in case you missed it, the June Edition of Learning in the Great Outdoors is up. Check it out for information/ideas/activities in the field of environmental education.

Also, remember the post about our encounter with periodical cicadas this year? Check out Every Seventeen Years for another blog post on this topic.

The bug of the week last week was..drum roll...

A flower fly!

I bet some of you were thinking that it was a honey bee. The flower fly has two wings rather than four. Although you might mot be able to see that the honeybee has four, the fly holds it's wings out away from it's body more. The flies have bigger eyes. The antennae of the flower fly come from the middle of the face and are shorter than that of the honey bee. Once you know to look there are a lot of differences.

Flower flies fool people all the time.

See if you can spot the differences:

Honey Bee versus Flower Fly

honey bee