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The little leaf cordia (Cordia parvifolia) is covered with white blooms right now.

They attract quite a few flying insects.

Wonder why this fly is sitting on a leaf rather than a flower.

Most of the leaves are dry and slightly fuzzy.

However, some of the leaves are dripping with nectar, which seems to be coming out of glands near the petiole.

Flies have a mouth like a sponge which they use to sop up liquids like nectar.

The little leaf cordia is a visual treat for humans and a sweet treat for insects.



Our mystery seeds from last week are from a plant that is relatively new to landscape use in Arizona and gaining popularity, the little leaf cordia, Cordia parvifolia. Cordia's are sometimes called "Geiger trees" in homage to Captain Geiger who first grew one in Florida (story here).


Little leaf cordia has lovely clusters of crisp, white flowers.


The seeds form in these fuzzy pods. The seeds apparently do not germinate readily, and the plants are often grown from cuttings.


In case you were wondering, the little leaf cordia does have relatively small, gray-green leaves.


It is a medium-sized shrub that tolerates dry conditions and heat very well.


Do any cordias or Geiger trees grow where you live? What do their seeds look like?