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Why would I take a photograph of this white fluff? Because it was walking around.

Can you spot the insect?

The "wolf in sheep's clothing" is a lacewing larva. It uses debris to disguise itself, and most of the time the disguise works, unless of course it starts walking.

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I could have chosen a number of insects for bug of the week today. The mother crab spider's eggs hatched, and the babies were ballooning away last night. I finally caught a cixiid in the act of laying eggs. The list goes on.

But this one really caught my imagination.


I've shown you the beautiful, delicate green lacewing adult before.

Here's a mystery:  How many lacewings do you see in the photograph below?


Edit: There are three lacewings on this carrot flower.
Post on green lacewing life cycle showing photos of all the stages.