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 I'm afraid I don't have any mystery seeds in the queue this week. If you'd like to polish your seed identification skills while you wait, try some of these online seed identification resources: The University of Kentucky has seed identification information and quizzes that use common names. They are both educational and entertaining. If you ...continue reading "Mystery Seed of the Week: Seed Identification Resources"

Our mystery seeds from last week were from West Indian lemon grass, 
Cymbopogon citratus. Too bad today's post can't come with a scratch-and-sniff component. Lemon grass, although not related to lemons, has a lovely lemony scent. It is used in Asian cooking, particularly Thai, and also in teas. Both West Indian and East Indian lemon ...continue reading "Seed of the Week: Lemon Grass"

 These seeds come from a plant that is rarely grown from seed, (Credit for the public domain photograph will be given in the answer when it is posted.) Do you recognize what kind of plant these seeds are from? If you choose to, please leave a comment with your ideas. Mystery Seed answers and new ...continue reading "Mystery Seed of the Week 257"