Do your kids love to go to the beach? Any want to become marine scientists or oceanographers (my fourth grade ambition)?

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a whole section devoted to science careers related to marine science.

Ever hear of an aquarist? Do you know what they do?

Aquarists feed, monitor and otherwise care for aquatic animals in aquarium settings. In addition to keeping records, they may clean, disinfect, and/or monitor water quality of the tanks. A lucky few will get to design or build exhibits. Basically they do everything you do to keep your home aquarium going, they just do it at a much bigger scale. Check Bryan Banks profile to hear his experiences as an aquarist.

If your child is interested in art and science they might want to consider becoming an exhibit designer. Check Jody Armstrong Stebben’s profile to see what an exhibit designer does.

Who knows what a trip to the beach might lead to?