Do you remember the beautiful, delicate green lacewings from a few weeks ago? Today we have a relative, the brown lacewing. Or at least, that’s what I think it is.

We noticed these small brown insects on our hollyhocks.


It is less than half the size of the brown lacewings we usually have in our yard.


Do you see it’s long neck and protruding eyes? What do you think the light-colored object is that is sticking out from its head? (see below*)

Brown lacewing larvae feed on aphids, scales and other small insects. Their habits are similar to the green lacewing. They also lay eggs on a hairlike stalk.

* Those are the lacewing’s antennae. They were stuck in the plant hairs on the hollyhock leaf, but this one was eventually able to work itself free. Other insects are not always so lucky.

Post on green lacewing life cycle showing photos of all the stages.