As Craig guessed, our golf-club-shaped seeds from last week were from a clematis.

deep-red-clematis-vineWhen you think of clematis, you likely think of the vine with the big, brightly-colored flowers.

full red clematisThese are the typical garden or cultivated clematis.

Our seeds came from a clematis that is a little different.

old-man-clematis-best-leafIt is still a vine.

old-man-clematis-flower-233Even though the flowers are pretty, however, they are small and lack the big, showy petals.

another-clematis-seed-podIn fact, the seed heads are more showy than the flowers.

clematis-seed-podThe common name for this species is “old man clematis.”

old-man-clematis-flower-seed-beard-22When the vine is hanging in a tree, the seed heads do look like beards.

old-man-clematis-flower-123Showy flowers or not, it still is an interesting plant.

What kind of clematis do you grow?  Have you ever seen the seeds?