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Bug of the Week: Damselfly and Photography

Have you ever wondered how nature photographers capture such wonderful shots of flighty insects?

Take damselflies like this one. Damselflies, and their relatives the dragonflies, are fast, strong fliers. How do you ever catch one sitting still enough for a photograph?

It helps to know the damselfly’s behavior. For example, this damselfly was not exactly sitting still, although it looks like it from the photograph. What it is doing is perching, waiting for a fly or some other potential food item to fly by. See those big eyes? When it spots something, it launches into the air and grabs the prey. The beauty is that these insects often return to the same exact perch to hunt again and again. With patience, you can set up your tripod and grab a good shot of an active insect in a moment of stillness.

Bug of the Week: Dragonfly Laying Eggs

Sometimes the unexpected events make the best stories.


I was taking photographs of some geese, when my mom pointed out this dragonfly.


Can you see the waves it is making in the water, like a helicopter?



It’s a female laying her eggs in the water.

Have you ever seen dragonflies lay their eggs?

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