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As promised, I've been keeping an eye on the rush milkweed to see what is happening.

No caterpillars yet, but we've had more of these:

Monarch butterflies are still laying eggs.

Each flower bud cluster now has at least one egg.

With temperatures ranging from 99 degrees Fahrenheit to the 30s, we'll see how many hatch.

It is November, but a few days ago I spotted a monarch butterfly circling our yard. With a bit of patience and serendipity,  I was able to catch it in action (refresh if the video player is wonky).


Yes, it laid an egg on the rush milkweed.

I'll be keeping an eye on the plant and let you know if anything hatches.

Here's an earlier photo from December 15, 2010.


Fall must be approaching, because look who showed up in our yard:


This was a female monarch butterfly and she laid an egg.

The plant is commonly called a rush milkweed or desert milkweed. It is a favorite of both monarch and queen butterflies.

If you have a minute, insect photographer Alex Wild has wonderful close up photographs of a monarch butterfly egg and caterpillar. Enjoy!