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It's hollyhock season again.

Some plants just have flower buds.

Others are flowering.

Once again, having a certain kind of plant means having a certain kind of insect.

In this case, the insects are oblong-winged katydid nymphs.

Wow, those antennae are so long.

I checked, and I had found the same kind of katydid nymphs on May 1, 2013. They were also on hollyhocks.

I only have a few hollyhock plants in my yard, and I'm pretty sure none of my immediate neighbors have them. I wonder how the katydids even find them, let alone show up with such regularity.

I guess if you eat mainly hollyhocks, you're probably pretty great at finding them.

Things have been crazy here the last few weeks, but I finally had a chance to do some photography again.


Looking at the hollyhocks in the back yard, I spotted this beige bug. I can tell from the long antennae and shape that it is a katydid nymph.


It took a bit longer, but then I noticed something else. Do you see it?


See it now? There is a second green katydid nymph on the same plant.

Wondering what is up with the different colors?

The oblong-winged katydid is known for being highly variable in color. It ranges from green to tan to orange-yellow to even bright pink! Now that would be something to see.


Once I started checking more closely, I found yet another green katydid. I guess that shows that camouflage colors might be harder to detect.

Aren't those long hind legs something else?

Have you ever seen a katydid? What color was it?