Our mystery seeds from last week were from a Hooker’s evening primrose, Oenothera elata subsp. hookeri.

hooker's-primrose-flower-1The first thing that catches your eye when you see this plant are the brilliant yellow flowers.

hookers-primrose-flower-and-podsYou have to be quick, however, because the flowers open in the evening and close later the next day. Because they open in the evening, their nectar is a favorite food of moths.

hookers-primrose-more-plantsHooker’s evening primroses are perennials that are native to western North America.

hookers-primrose-plantsUnlike some of their low-growing relatives, these primroses may reach four or more feet tall.

hooker's primroseHooker’s evening primroses are wonderful additions to moonlight or scent gardens because of their lovely nighttime fragrance.

Have you ever grown primroses? What do you think of them?