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Seed of the Week: Pink Fairy Duster

Our mystery seeds from last week were from a pink fairy duster, Calliandra eriophylla.


Most of the year it is a small, delicate shrub, nothing to write home about.



When it “flowers” though, it is covered with showy pink fluffs. Each of those pink fibers is actually a long stamen or the male part of the flower.


The flowers produce seeds in pods. Technically they are called dehiscent pods, which means they shoot the seeds out explosively when they are mature.

You can grow new plants from the seeds, but only if you can find them.


One benefit of fairy dusters is that they lack the thorns, spines or prickles found on so many plants in the Southwest.


The flowers are also attractive to bees and butterflies.

Many people also grow their larger relative, the Baja fairy duster, Calliandra californica, which has large red flowers.

Do fairy dusters grow where you live?

Bug of the Week: Honey Bees

With all the news of honey bees disappearing and honey bee colony collapse, I was relieved to see our honey bees seem to be doing fine this week.

honey bee

They are gathering nectar and pollen from a southwestern native plant called pink fairy duster, Calliandra eriophylla.

honey bee

The fairy duster plant doesn’t have flower petals, but instead has wispy clusters of pink stamens (the male or pollen-producing part of the flower).

pink fairy duster

It was nice to get outside for a few minutes, it was a great stress reliever.