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Often when a caterpillar is ready to pupate, it crawls away from the host plant where it was feeding. That hiding behavior may make finding the chrysalis and adult butterfly more difficult.

freshly-emerged-queen-butterflyIn this case, however, the queen caterpillar formed a chrysalis right on the plant it was feeding on, a rush milkweed. Do you see the remains of the chrysalis?

queen butterflyThere's a freshly-emerged queen butterfly right in the open for all to see.

Have you ever found a newly-emerged butterfly drying its wings?


One of the queen caterpillars from two weeks ago formed a chrysalis.

After being beige for about two weeks, the chrysalis turned black.

We could see the pattern of the wings inside. Later in the afternoon:

We took it outside to finish pumping up its wings.

Is there anything more beautiful than a freshly emerged butterfly?

Wishing you all the best.