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Bug of the Week: Penstemon Flowers and Solitary Bees

The penstemons are flowering.

They are a favorite.

Hummingbirds love them.

So do solitary bees. In fact, the stalks are abuzz with bees.

The digger bees and sweat bees land, and crawl right into the flower in no time.

This is the usual view of a bee visiting a flower. The nectaries are at the base, so the bees push their heads deep inside and suck up the nectar with their long tongues.

Then the bee is off to the next flower.

If you are interested in helping bees and hummingbirds, penstemons are great plants to grow.

Bug of the Week: Cactus Flower Bee

Spring is a wonderful time to watch bees in the Southwest, especially when the prickly pear cactus are in bloom.

bee-in-cactus-flower-farFor example, what is this bee doing?

bee-in-cactus-flower-closeCan you see better in this photograph?

Have you ever had a bee stick its tongue out at you?

And don’t forget:


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