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In the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the little girl is very picky.

Today we have a Goldilocks giant swallowtail butterfly flitting from flower to flower.

The pineapple sage is too small.

The brittlebush flower is too big.

The fairy duster flower must have been too soft.

Ah, the desert mallow is just right.

It must have more nectar than the rest.

Good from any angle.

No naps for this butterfly, though. Time to move on.

The penstemons (also called beardtongues) are in full glory this week and popular with flying visitors.

Who is this?

Oh, a bee.

Guess it wasn't finished.

Clean up time.

Good to go.

Do you think this flower qualifies as take out?


Ever wondered what goes into preparing insect photographs for Bug of the Week?

Let's see.

First you need to find an insect, like this bug on a hollyhock leaf. See it?

Let's get closer. Do you see it now?

To give you scale, the leaf is about 3 1/2 inches across.

Here's my first glimpse in macro view through the camera lens.

Because the insect is sitting at a weird angle, I have to maneuver to get a fuller shot before it scoots away.

Now I can see what it is more clearly. This is how the raw photograph looked before cropping.

Finally, I cropped it to give you a bug's eye view.

Isn't it amazing what the camera lens reveals?