Did you take a child outside this weekend? I didn’t because I was sick, but my husband did. To prove he was outside, here’s a photograph our son took:
woods lake
As you can probably tell, they were in a boat .

Shortly afterward, his dad took this photograph:
woods lake2

Probably can’t see them, but there are two dots over the tops of the trees, right about above the white hat. They tell me those are an osprey and an eagle. The guys were in a boat watching an osprey catch fish. The osprey had one successful catch and was trying again when a bald eagle came barreling in and chased the osprey. Guess it was quite a sight.

Bald eagles are known to chase and mob ospreys. Usually they seem to be after the fish the osprey caught. The eagle swoops at an osprey that has just caught a fish, and often the osprey drops its meal. Guess who gets the meal instead.

Although an osprey looks like a big bird when it is by itself, a bald eagle is much bigger and heavier.

For more detailed information, check this blog post from Friends of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge with some great information and photos of eagles and ospreys. (Scroll down to the July 27 Post entitled eagles and ospreys.)