We have been noticing something weird on our back patio. We’ve been finding bits of glass.

Most of them are glass beads that look like they came off of a mosaic.

glass bit

I originally thought the kids behind us were throwing them over the fence for some reason. They’d have to have good aim to get all the way to the patio.

glass bit

But then I found this glass chip. The kids over the back fence a young, and I didn’t think their parents would let them play with hunks of broken glass.

I have a much better idea who is the culprit now.

Here is a clue:


The second clue is that we have a pot of water that collects condensed water from our air conditioning system. In the summer the pot is full because of constant dripping, and we have to empty it every day. Fresh, cold water…

Look for the answer in an upcoming post. Edit: Update post is here.