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What insects are on the zinnias this week?


This little assassin bug nymph has orange spots that match the flower heads.


I doubt this Geron bee fly is fooled.

Getting outdoors is a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

Are you doing anything special for Earth Day today?

What sort of insect activity did the recent rains and high humidity bring out?

slender-bee-fly-geron1. A slender bee fly, genus Geron

moth-with-spots2. A brightly-marked moth, out in full daylight

snout-butterfly3. Yay, the snout butterflies are back!

Fall is the time when we usually have a lot of caterpillars. We'll have to see if this is a good year for them.


If someone asked you what kind of insect this is, what would you say?

Because of that long beak (proboscis), it looks a bit like a mosquito, doesn't it?

Actually it is a bee fly in the genus Geron.

Many bee flies, as their name suggests, resemble small, furry bees. The flies in this group, however, are more slender and they have a "humped" appearance.

The Geron bee flies share a similar lifestyle with the other bee flies. The adults use the long proboscis to drink nectar from flowers, and are considered to be beneficial pollinators. The larvae are parasites of other insects, generally moths.

Seems that in the insect world, as with elsewhere, appearances can be deceiving.