Kids’ Questions About Ants

Edit: this post has been moved to my new ant blog, Wild About Ants.


  1. Tiffany X.

    I have a ant farm and there is an ant farm and when they sleep, they are all together. Why do they sleep together. Also, is every worker ant have claw mouths.

  2. Roberta

    Ants are social insects, which means they prefer to be with others of their kind. Also, there is safety in numbers. If they are together, they can defend themselves against a predator or something that comes to eat them. Although I’m not sure this has ever been looked at in ants, honey bees cluster together to keep warm. Is it warm enough where you keep your ants?

    I just talked a bit about insect mouthparts in a recent post ( Ants have the type of jaws called mandlbles, which can have teeth that can look like claws.Take a look at this University of Arizona website to see a lot of cool pictures of ant mandibles.

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