Are you going to travel this weekend? Looking for something to do in the car or on the plane? Doing science activities can be even more fun than the standard travel games. Here are some ideas:

  • Look for birds, count them, and identify them by shape or silhouette (see all birds website for example shapes). Listen to a CD/tape of bird songs. If the tape is boring, it will have the added benefit of putting the kids to sleep 🙂
  • Explore roadside geology, particularly where highways have been cut through mountainsides. If you are a newbie, just comment on colors and shapes. More experienced can comment on sedimentary formations, volcanic activity, etc. Look for books about local geology at the library, like the classic “Roadside Geology of Arizona” by Halka Chronic.
  • Identify trees by their shape and color from a distance. Count the pine trees or apple trees, or whatever.
  • Cars are perfect places for studying the laws of physics. This link should get you started.(Link broken)
  • At the airport, explore the shape of airplane wings and learn about lift, like at this website.

As always, feel free to contact me via the comments if you have questions.
Happy Fourth of July!