Last year members of our 4-H club designed simple mazes and let our pet mice try them out. Because of that past experience, we were totally in awe and inspired when we saw this mouse in action.

I have two comments. First, this is a special mouse. We found each of our mice had distinct personalities. For example, our present mouse, Squiggle, would be way too shy to do this. We did have a mouse named Spot, however, who would have loved to have this sort of stimulation.

Second, note the black dots about the course. I suspect the mouse has left droppings because it has run the course before. Mice have a keen sense of smell, and by leaving the droppings it was probably able to get cues from them. I know wild mice have been shown to create piles of debris to act as trail markers.

Check our post on pet mice for more information about activities you can do with a pet mouse.

Thanks to our friends, the Millers, for pointing out this amazing mouse video!