Meet a Scientist Monday: Diversity in Science Carnival

This week we have an unique opportunity to find out about what scientists do. DNLee at Urban Science Adventures stopped by to let us know about the Diversity in Science Carnival. Diversity in Science #1: Black History Month Celebration is up and it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet scientists past and present.

Note:  Keep in mind that these posts were not necessarily written for children.

And if you are interested in an outstanding post about DNLee and how she got her start in science, visit Nurturing a Scientific Mind.

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  1. DNLee

    thanks for sharing this with your audience. and geat warning…my page is generally G/PG. There are a couple of PG-13 posts (for strong language)…But most of them are great conversation or independent report pieces for young people… I was inspired by my lessons in school to do a report on a scientist.

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