Bug of the Week: Cactus Flower Visiters

The cacti are blooming this week.

prickly pear flowers

The prickly pears,

prickly pear flowers

are particularly colorful.

agave flowers

The agaves are flowering, too.

cactus flower

I’m not sure what this one is, but it is spectacular. Anyone know?

All these flowers are producing nectar and pollen galore. The insects are busy.

hedgehog cactus flower with bee

cactus flower

Can you find all the arthropods in this picture? I’ve tried to make it big enough for you to see everything, but let me know if it takes too long to load.


  1. Beetles In The Bush

    On the last picture, I see a bee (obviously), a spider peeking over one of the petals, and lots of what I take to be thrips (Thysanoptera) all over the petals… or maybe the’re mites, but their elongated form suggests thrips.


  2. Roberta

    You are good! Yes, what look like walking wood slivers on the petals are thrips.

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