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If your child is interested in becoming a scientist, then she or he should check out the I Want to be an ‘ologist page at the Natural History Museum. Learn about a paleontologist (Andy Ross), an entomologist (Zoe Adams), a mineralogist (Mike Rumsey), a zoologist (Miranda Lowe) and a botanist (Mark Spencer).

Wow, I wish I had been able to see information like this when I was a kid. Although if I had read the one about the entomologist I might never have become one 🙂

If you don’t see the ‘ologist your child is interested in, leave me a comment and I’ll try to find you someone appropriate.

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  1. Risa

    Thanks for the link! I have a 6 year old who just the other day was agonizing over whether to become a palaeontologist or an entomologist! 🙂

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