It’s National Chemistry Week this week, from October 18–24, 2009. If you are in the mood to do some chemistry activities to celebrate, here are some helpful links.

When I found the Home Chemistry blog, I was excited because there was a post about the “Chemistry of Colored Bubbles.” I have been wondering if you could make a colored bubble for ages. Now I know you can!

I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but Off the Shelf Chemistry has hands-on activities for teaching high school level chemistry with things more or less from around the house.

The home of National Chemistry Week 2009! is the American Chemistry Society. Their 2009 theme is “Chemistry—It’s Elemental!” They have a lot of resources, so plan to spend some time looking around. has a whole list of projects as well as good basic chemistry information.

Finally, Robert Krampf at the Happy Scientist has a number of chemistry experiments. Some of his experiments are free, but most require a subscription. He does have a free newsletter that has general science topics called Experiment of the Week.

And of course we have some chemistry experiments here, like Colors with Acids and Bases.

Hope you enjoy chemistry week!

If you have any great chemistry sites that I have missed, please leave them in the comments.