Meet A Scientist Monday: Women Astronomers

As many of you may know, this month is Women’s History Month. Let’s celebrate by learning about some women astronomers past and present.

This is a video of an interview with Dr. Letisha McLaughlin, an astronomer at NC State. She talks about how she became an astronomer and how she was inspired when her mother got her a telescope.

I was also able to find this video tribute to Women Astronomers in History: Telescope Women in History.

Please Note: One of the images in this video is a star map overlaid with a drawing of a woman with one bare breast, which some people may find offensive. Please preview this video for suitability for your children.

Finally, here is a video about Women in Astronomy from NASA, which begins with a recent history of the field.

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  1. Roxanne

    Very cool blog post. What is your favorite Scientific Journal? On our blog we are having a discussion regarding if there was a category for best Scientific Journal at the Oscars who would win? Let us know what you think.

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