Seed of the Week: Walnut

Karen identified our mystery seed of the week correctly last week, it is a walnut.


There are over 20 species of trees called walnuts in the genus Juglans, but one common one in the eastern US is the black walnut, Juglans nigra.

Walnuts are beautiful trees.

walnut tree

The wood is used for fine furniture and the nuts are edible.


The trees produce flowers in the spring.


The flowers produce fruit.


Did you know that the green husks can be used to produce a brown dye? In fact you can stain your hands and clothes if you play with the husks.


Walnuts and pears make a yummy salad.

Do you have a walnut tree nearby? What is your favorite walnut recipe?


  1. Patricia J. O'Brien

    Oh, how I adore pears ‘paired’ with walnuts. I still remember one time coming in from a cold ocean swim and slicing a perfect pear to eat with walnuts. I don’t know why it was so memorable but it most be that particular blending of flavor and texture. Love your beautiful photos.

  2. Patricia J. O'Brien

    oops, meant to say “must” not “most” but hopefully everyone forgives a typo.

  3. Roberta

    In the comments section? Typos are a “must.” 🙂

    Isn’t it funny how some foods just go together like walnuts and pears?

  4. suzi smith

    Lovely photos… i’ve never seen a walnut tree, another confession… never tried walnuts & pears!! (but I will now!) date & walnut loaf is a fave in our house. Came over via the tree festival…Thank you for a wonderful post.

  5. edpilolla

    like suzi, i’ve never seen a walnut tree either. this is a lovely little journey of the the fruit of the walnut. the last photo of the fruit and nut is downright tasty.

  6. Georgia

    Nocino from green walnuts (! Found this post via FOTT 49.

  7. Roberta

    Interesting, I definitely hadn’t heard of that. I have to admit I couldn’t find the information in the links you provided, so I googled “nocino” to find out more.

  8. Shirley

    Is that a grapevine growing on the center walnut tree? Where was the picture taken?

  9. Mark

    Appreciate much, do I… your walnut promotion of excellence! I’ve been struggling for 3 years now to get a grove of 2000 trees started via planting the seed itself. Squirrels keep taking many of my efforts for their own dining. Can’t say I blame them as I’m not all that fond of heights myself!

  10. Roberta

    That particular tree is growing in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I try to cover a range of areas, if possible.

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