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What are Cybils? The acronym stands for children’s and young adult bloggers literary awards. Bloggers who specialize in children’s and young adult books have developed the Cybils awards to highlight some of the best books published in the previous year. Back in September people nominated their favorite books by genre. Now the judges are reading and reviewing all the books to pick one winner from each category.  Although there is a lot of excitement about which books will be chosen as the best, going through the nomination lists is also a great way to find interesting new things to read.

To save you some time, I went through the list of nominated nonfiction books in the picture book category and selected some science and nature books that you might find useful. (By the way, once again I am a round II judge for nonfiction picture book category.) Soon I’ll tackle the middle grade/young adult books.

Nonfiction Picture Books – Science and Nature
(The titles are linked to take you to Amazon for more information)

 Pop!: The Invention of Bubble Gum by Meghan McCarthy
Never Smile at a Monkey: And 17 Other Important Things to Remember

By Steve Jenkins

Moon Bear by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons

We love Gail Gibbons, see my brief bio for more about her.

Bugs and Bugsicles: Insects in the Winter by Amy S. Hansen

See my review

Astro: The Steller Sea Lion by Jeanne Walker Harvey

See my review

Little Black Ant on Park Street (Smithsonian's Backyard Collection)

by Janet Halfmann

See my review

Growing Patterns
by Sarah Campbell
 Little Red Bat by Carole Gerber
Insect Detective by Steve Voake
A Place for Frogs
by Melissa Stewart
Bones by Steve Jenkins
Kingdom: Savage Safari
by Nam Nguyen
Meet the Howlers! by April Pulley Sayre
Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age by Cheryl Bardoe

See my review

Changing of the Guard: The Yellowstone Chronicles by Ted Rechlin
Come See the Earth Turn By Lori Mortensen

The Story of Leon Foucault

Dinosaur Mountain: Digging into the Jurassic Age by Deborah Kogan Ray
EcoMazes: 12 Earth Adventures
by Roxie Munro
The Shocking Truth About Energy
By Loreen Leedy
The Life of Rice: From Seedling to Supper (Traveling Photographer)

By Richard Sobol

The Buzz on Bees: Why Are They Disappearing?
by Shelley Rotner
Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian by Margarita Engle

Maria Merian was an incredible woman.

Yucky Worms by Vivian French

More Cybils nominees about science and nature:

Have you read any of these books? Do you have any suggestions?