It was a fine fall day in Arizona today.

A perfect day to shoot off rockets.

You need a big area that is clear of hazards. You will also need a launch pad.

Whoosh and it is gone!

Check out that blue sky.

The parachute has deployed.

This rocket is almost down.

Whoosh! And here comes another one. In this case, it is rocket science!

To learn more about how rockets work, see NASA’s Beginner’s Guide to Rockets where they have a look inside a model rocket.

If you think you want to try model rockets, you should join a club or at least work with an individual who is experienced in the safe handling and launching of rockets. The National Association of Rocketry website has places to find a local club, a wealth of information about rockets, and a list of safety suggestions. And remember, often city, town and park regulations prohibit model rocket launches within their borders.