Mystery Seed of the Week 84

These seeds will grow into a plant that is fascinating and has been getting a lot of attention.

Do you know the plant? Leave a comment if you have an idea.

Edit:  The answer is now posted.

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  1. Gypsy Wheeler

    oh, YEAH!! Moringa oleifera, and the ONLY time i’ve ever seen this WONDER of all miraculous trees, itself, was in So. India-Mysore city!! however; i DO see the see pod at least twice/month because i am able to use ONE of its very wonderful edible products which is called “Drumstick.” pickle and/or i make a wonderful dinner called drumstick sambhar {preferably i prefer the canned OR fresh drumstick to the pickled one, cuz that way
    i can season it to MY liking rather than Patak–an Indian based company which makes ‘pickle’d goodies from green mangoes, Moringa seed pods, lemons, limes}. but ANY way i can use this wonderful seed pod, i use it!!! i even use them in “americas” type food.
    i heard a rumour that there is a Moringa tree growing at the UNH @ Durham, NH conservatory.. that warms my heart!!
    i truly believe that the DFW area of texas is in desperate need of Moringa oleifera trees as they have been suffering a terrible long epic of drought, in MY personal opinion, like Australia, they are experiencing a terrible drought because they’d clear-cut ALL their trees believing they needed the space to plant crops, such as sugar cane, wheat, corn, etc. NOT an equal exchange for trees which ensure RAIN and/or snow!! therefore, once the “rain forest” had been clear-cut… guess what happened?? c’mon… guess!! and now, they must “import” water to give moisture for those crops. do YOU think it was an equal xchange?? but planting a bunch of MORINGAs would truly help the land!!
    sorry to make my ‘post’ so long-but i’m a VERY opinionated person!!

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