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Seed of the Week: Lindley’s Silver Puffs

Our silvery mystery seeds from last week were from Lindley's silver puffs, Microseris lindleyi.

I have to admit these were tough ones to identify. I have only seen them at the Desert Botanical Garden on the wildflower trail and in a botanically-minded friend's yard. They do grow throughout the western United States, however.

The seed heads are somewhat reminiscent of a dandelion, but the parasol is thicker and silvery in color.

I don't have any photographs of the flowers, but they have interesting pointed green bracts that make them look star-shaped, giving them their other common name "starpoint." Firefly Forest has photographs of the silver puff plant and flowers. Wildflowers in Santa Barbara also has silverpuff photographs.

5 thoughts on “Seed of the Week: Lindley’s Silver Puffs

  1. Mr Robin Pearn

    It has flowered for two or three days but will not open today.
    Apart from the flowering head it has two more heads, not yet opened.
    A very sunny day today.

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