Our mystery seeds from last week come from an Arizona plant that isn’t very noticeable most days of the year.

It looks kind of like a brownish-green twig hidden in a bush or tree.

If you observe closely, you may see the spines that indicate it is a cactus. In fact, it is a cactus called Arizona Queen of the Night, Peniocereus greggii.

Once in a great while it will produce a flower or two. Then it will be obvious why people find it so interesting.

The brilliant white flowers stay open for only one night.

This one is already starting to close as the sunlight begins to find it, although it was still producing a heavy perfume. Many of the night blooming flowers here are white and produce a strong, sweet odor that attracts moths to pollinate them.

Hopefully this flower was pollinated and produces some more mystery seeds.

More about Arizona Queen of the Night

Have you ever seen a night-blooming cactus flower?

(Thanks to our friend Deb S. for sharing.)

Mystery Seed of the Week will return next week.