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Seed of the Week: Golden Dewdrop

Our mystery seeds that didn't show up so well last week were from the golden dewdrop, Duranta erecta.

The common name of the plant comes from the drop-shaped golden yellow fruit.

Golden dewdrop is used as an ornamental shrub, prized for its lavender, blue or white flowers.

Golden dewdrops are native to Mexico and South America. They grow as perennial shrubs in warm areas such as Florida, Texas and, of course, Arizona. They are grown as annuals elsewhere.

Although the plants are listed as good choices for butterfly gardens because the flowers attract butterflies and bees, apparently the leaves and fruit of the golden dewdrop are poisonous to mammals (see Floridata). Consider whether children or pets might be exposed before planting.

Isn't it interesting how the plant has flowers and fruit at the same time?

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