Mystery Seed of the Week 147

Our mystery seeds this week come from a plant that was originally from Australia, but now is grown in the Southwest.


The seeds are black and shiny, like other seeds we have seen.


Maybe you can recognize them more easily from the pod.

Any guesses what plant these seeds come from?

Edit:  The answer is now posted.


  1. sara

    wild guess: mesquite? They are kind of like honey locust but too small and flat. I’m assuming some kind of legume.

  2. Heather

    Our guess is Acacia. If you want something more specific, I would need to do some research.

  3. Roberta

    You are right, the seeds of the acacia are black and shiny. Plus the plant is from Australia. Good guess!
    The acacia seed of the week has a photograph:

  4. Roberta

    Sara, yes they are legumes.

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