Mystery Seed of the Week 161

Our mystery seed this week is a true mystery.


I found this in a “gutter” along a road in Sierra Vista, Arizona. There were no trees or shrubs around that could have produced it. It was probably carried there during a recent rain storm.

As you can see, it is pretty large as seeds go.


If you shake it, you can hear a large seed inside the thin shell-like coating. You can see the seed tip peeking out of the bottom on the right.

Hint:  I think the discoloration at the other end, the left side of the photograph, helps indicate what it might be.

Please leave a comment if you recognize this mystery seed.

I will reveal what I *think* it is next Tuesday. Edit: The answer is now posted.



  1. sara

    looks like a skinny acorn to me, though I’ve never heard them rattle. Out west you have all kinds of oaks we don’t here, but it reminds me of a white oak of some kind.

  2. Anna

    I also think it’s from an oak. Long and skinny acorns in tx are live oaks.

  3. Doug

    oak tree acorn

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