Mystery Seed of the Week 178


Our mystery seeds are inside these white berries.



The seeds are round, too.

I’ll give you a hint. These are not found in Arizona. I found them in western New York. Their name has an animal in it.

Do you know what plant these came from? If you’d like to, please leave a comment with your idea.

Edit:  The answer is now posted.


  1. sara

    Your bear hint has me stumped. If not for that I’d have said dogwood (but not flowering dogwood). They also look a little bit like white baneberry, but not oval enough and the leaves are all wrong. Hmm….

  2. Roberta

    Did I mislead you? The animal in the first guess is a good one.

  3. sara

    hmm, why’d I read that as “bear” instead of animal? Guess it’s been that kind of day!

  4. usha

    Incidentally, I have the same doubts about the leaves, as Sara.

  5. Craig

    Is it from the Myrtaceae family?

  6. Roberta

    I guess it wouldn’t hurt to reveal it is actually Cornaceae. (Gave you the answer to the wrong mystery seed yesterday).

  7. Roberta

    The answer is now posted.

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