Seed of the Week: Shoestring Acacia

The mystery seeds from last week were from a shoestring acacia, Acacia stenophylla.


Originally from Australia, these trees have been planted in the Southwest as landscape trees.


They grow rather quickly.

The trees get their name from the fact they have long, slender leaves that resemble shoestrings.

Acacia-stenophylla-flowers(Photograph by Don A.W. Carlson, Wikimedia)

Their flowers are pale yellow, round puffs, common to most acacias.

Although not too common, this tree is definitely becoming more popular recently. People like it because it keeps its leaves throughout the year and doesn’t produce a lot of litter. It is also very drought tolerant.

Do you have shoestring acacias where you live?




  1. Elsa Basden

    Hello…we need a shade giving, low litter, fast growing tree about 3 1/2 m from our pool.
    Could you advise which of the following would be ideal please?
    Shoestring acacia
    Willow acacia
    Brazillian Pepper
    Texas Mountain Laurel
    I would be so grateful for you advice as we live on the E. Mediterranean Island of Cyprus with very similar climate to California and have no one to advise us, try as I might I haven’t found anyone to help in our dilemma
    Kind regards
    Elsa Basden

  2. Elsa Basden

    Ps please could you notify me of follow up comments by email?
    Thank you so much
    Elsa Basden

  3. Peggy Jenkinson

    I hope someone answered Elsa. Never plant a Brazilian Pepper tree. Not only for their litter; but also, invasive and nothing grows where it grows. All trees have litter. The acacia worry would be to not let the seed pods drop because they propagate. Acacias are known for being short lived. What about trees grown in Southern France. What they call mimosa and have parades for are also different types of acacia. Africa also has some great acacia and cassia. You can always grow olives. (Maiden name is Greek)

  4. Roberta

    Thanks Peggy.

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