Bug of the Week: Insect Wing Identification Mystery

How well do you know your insect wings? See if you can figure out what kind of insects have the wings below.







4. mystery-insect-wing-300





Aren’t insect wings fascinating?

If you chose, let us know your answers in the comments.

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  1. sara

    Well, #3 is something of a giveaway, with the abdomen in the shot. Looks like there’s going to be “War”, at least according to the “W” on the wing of your Magicicada (from last year’s Brood II?).

    The rest are more of a stretch (as I suck at wings): the fuzzy legs look bee-ish in #1.

    Is that a haltere by the pin in #2? if so, it would be a big fly, but it doesn’t really look fly-y to me.

    4. has scales so moth/butterfly/skipper. I’ll go with moth.

    5. thicker on the upper half would be a true bug, but it seems a bit translucent for that.

    6. is a dragonfly/damsel, those dark marks on the margin are important, though I can never remember who’s supposed to have what.

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