Bug of the Week: Atlas and Moon Moths

Monday’s post was all about the butterflies at Butterfly Wonderland, but there were some moths, too.


The atlas moth, Attacus atlas, is known for having the largest wing area of any insect. Although commonly seen in butterfly houses, this moth is from Asia.


When I first spotted this moth I thought for an instant it was an odd-looking luna moth. Instead it is Argema mimosae, the African moon moth. It is from eastern and southern Africa.

You can see a photograph of the African moon moth larvae and atlas moth larvae at Flickr. It is hard to tell if the moon moth larvae are right side up or not.

It is so amazing to be able to see moths and butterflies from around the world in one place. Are you ready for a trip to a butterfly exhibit of your own? The Butterfly Website has a list of butterfly exhibits worldwide.

Where is your favorite butterfly exhibit?



  1. Lisa

    The Science Museum of Western Virginia has a new butterfly garden, in Roanoke, Virginia. It was my first visit to a butterfly habitat. http://www.smwv.org/explore/butterfly-garden/

  2. Roberta

    Thanks for the link. The building looks very inviting. Hope you enjoyed it.

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