Mystery Seed of the Week 199: Challenge 8

As a run up to our 200th Mystery Seed, we are doing few new challenges as a contest.  The idea of the challenges will be to introduce some real world reasons why someone might need to identify seeds. Prizes will be awarded in Mystery Seed post 200.

It is our final challenge before prizes are awarded!

Challenge 8.

Scenario:  You work for an emergency room. A couple has just brought in a child who has ingested some flat round seeds.


The seeds are found in these large pods.


The seeds are flat and round, basically coin shaped.

A. What kind of seeds are they?

B. Are the seeds considered to be harmful? That is, do they cause illness and are they considered to be poisonous?

Edit:  The challenge is now closed.  For this week’s challenge, A. 5 points for the first correct identification, and B. 5 points for whether they can cause illness (are considered to be poisonous). I will give 2 points for each subsequent correct answer for each question.

Because I will be tallying the final winners for next week, challenges 7 and 8 will close at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time on Sunday March 30, 2014.


Answer to challenge 6:

Challenge 6 is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

I could tell challenge 6 was tougher than some of the others. The seed was from an asparagus fern house plant, Asparagus sp. Here is Arizona our asparagus ferns grow readily out of doors, and produce flower, fruit and seeds. Several species in the genus Asparagus, including asparagus ferns, are considered to be weeds of national concern in parts of Australia.

The winners and the answers to challenge 7 and 8 will be revealed April 1, 2014.

New mystery seeds and Seed of the Week answers are posted on Tuesdays.


  1. sara

    Wisteria, though I don’t know which species, and yes, poisonous, very much so.

  2. sara

    (I would love to know what the round thing with bits of green growing from it next to the pods is)

  3. Roberta

    The green round thing is a carrot root just starting to sprout. We have some variously colored carrots that my son likes to grow out to seeds.

  4. Monika

    Wisteria. Yes poisonous. That is an easy one for anyone who owns a wisteria plant. The pods pop open (very loudly -especially when the seeds hit the window) and send the seeds flying at an impressive velocity!

  5. Anna

    Wisteria, yes it’s poisonous. I like the fuzzy pods.

  6. Roberta

    Welcome Monika! Thanks for jumping in for our seed challenge.

  7. Craig

    Wisteria, Poisonous

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